You’ve found the perfect patch of land and now you’re ready to build your new home, from

scratch. The right home builder is the key between a beautiful custom home and a project

filled with delays and extra costs – a money pit. If you don’t have a great builder on speed dial,

how can you find a good new home contractor? Here are a few tips for making sure you get

the best builder for your project.

• Build a List of Options – The first step is to find local builders who create homes which

suit your lifestyle and taste.

• Do Your Homework – Ask for references and take your time in doing your due diligence.

Ask for past clients who will be willing to meet with you and show you the actual homes

they have built. Ask about the process and if they finished on time. Ask about problems

and find out how the builder solved them.

• Learn About the Subcontractors – A strong builder works with the best craftsmen in the

area. Ask about the subcontractors and interview them and check their references as


Learn all you can about the builder and their projects. Make sure the homes are built with

solid materials and construction techniques. Before you choose anyone, you should feel

completely assured they will create a great home and completely understand your vision.